Car Borrowing: The New Phenomenon In Going Green

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As more attention shifts to green energy and environmental conservation, more people are seeking ways to cut down on their gas expenditure. Car borrowing or car sharing is one of the latest products of this trend. In many cities, people may sign up to participate in a program that allows them to pay a membership fee that grants access to a car only when they need one.

Car sharing companies typically own a fleet of (more…)

How To Select A Safe Family Car

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Your family’s safety is the most important thing in your life, which means that finding a vehicle that ensures your family’s safety is among your top priorities. There are a few things you should remember to get you through what could seem like an overwhelming process. The most telling observation would be the crash safety test performed on a vehicle. Each year the National Highway Transportation Safety Association conducts a series of test to assess a vehicle’s ability to (more…)

Before Your Teen Hits the Road

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While your mind is on things like health insurance and Hughes Net Prices your teenagers have another thought: driving. From getting a license to buying a car there are a lot of big changes during these years – here are a few things to set rules on before your teen gets behind the wheel:
Passengers: Sometimes overlooked, the number of passengers your teen should be driving at any given time needs to be specified. We recommend no more than one passenger at a time to minimize distractions to a new driver.
Curfew: Some states have specific legal curfews for drivers under the age of 17 or 18 but if yours doesn’t, talk to your teen about what time they’re expected to be home when they’re driving. There’s no excuse for a missed curfew and punishment should come in car-form.
Regular Maintenance: Teach your teen about all that goes into maintaining a vehicle, from changing the oil to choosing the appropriate grade gas to ensuring the inside is polished and clean. They should be expected to keep their car in excellent shape to keep their license, too.

New Driver Warnings: Know Your Local Laws

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Now it is more to driving than just hoping in your car and turning the keys. There are new driver warnings being issued all around the globe. These rules are designed to protect the driver and other motorist as well as pedestrians. Just because you have earned your drivers licenses does not mean that the road is yours for the taking. Many of these new driver warnings are just simple steps to help you have a better driving experience. If you would just learn your local laws, then the laws of the road will (more…)

Weirdest Highway Attractions And Where They Are Located

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Do you remember your vacations when you were a child? I may not remember the vacations, but, I do remember the road trips. If you allow yourself a little extra time you can enjoy such sites as The Pet Casket Factory Tour in Gladstone, MI. By the end of the tour you will know everything you wanted, or did not want, to know about the correct way to bury your pet. A bit on the lighter side, you may want to stop at the International UFO Museum & Research Center in (more…)

Most Uncommon Traffic Violations And Their Fines

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Have you ever been driving and then, the moment of panic when you see the red and blue lights in your mirror? What did you do? Speeding? Nope! Tail light out? Nope! You are being pulled over for an uncommon traffic violation; it is even possible you were not aware that this violation even existed.

For instance being pulled over for not coming yielding properly. While a subjective offense, it is possible to be fined for not slowing enough at a yield sign, carrying (more…)

Most Common Road Hazards And How To Avoid Them

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When going on a road trip, safety has to be a primary concern. Here are some of the more common hazards, and how to avoid or deal with them.

1. Black ice. Black ice is a thin coat of ice on the road, that is generally not visible to the motorist, and often forms on bridges. The only answer to black ice is to drive carefully. If fog is clearing or the temperature is just above or just below freezing, black ice is likely to be present (more…)